The Light of Dawn by Luke Brady. Book review

The Light of Dawn by Luke Brady,,Ltd., p/b £3.99

Reviewed by Simon Ives

This has been a difficult review to write.  On the one hand, this is a fast paced adventure tale involving a cutting edge team of modern archaeologists investigating an ancient mystery which could have world shattering consequences.  On the other hand, so much is left unresolved at the end of the volume that feels unsatisfactory.

In addition this self-published book could do with some serious editing.  There are annoying spelling errors throughout (examples including ore instead of oar, peaking for peeking, suite of armour rather than suit) as well as a whole four line section being repeated on the same page.  I would give an indication of here these errors occurred but the pages are not numbered.

Undoubtedly exciting in places but I cannot honestly recommend it, especially as a stand-alone volume.