The Lost Coast Tapes. Film Review


Starring: Drew Rausch, Rich McDonald, Ashley Wood, Noah Weisberg, Frank Ashmore

Director: Corey Grant                      

Screenplay: Bryan O’Cain, Brian Kelsey

Rating: 18                                        

Duration: 87mins

Reviewed by Guy Adams

I was only recently lamenting the ubiquity of found footage horror. Effective when done well but more often than not an excuse for low-quality filmmaking and a cover-up for bad technique and lack of style. It’s unfortunate too that, as the shelves fill up with such films even those that use the trick effectively will suffer because we’ve had enough of shaky cameras and POV shots, what was once groundbreaking has now become formulaic and tiresome.

That aside, it’s a great relief to report that The Lost Coast Tapes is a superior film to many of its competitors. Following an engaging TV crew as they attempt to film a ‘hoax-buster’ documentary on a man who claims to have found the body of a Sasquatch, it manages to convince us that at least the real film makers know what they’re doing even if their fictional counterparts don’t. The script is believable and witty, the actors can actually act and when night falls and the creatures start moving outside it manages to convey a sense of fear and power despite the fact that we never really see anything.

The last act also manages to up the ante on the nature of the threat, making things altogether weirder than at first appeared.

It all feels distinctly X-Files (for viewers of a certain age you can’t have pine trees and bright lights without bringing Duchovny to mind), but there’s nothing wrong with that. A simple, enjoyable and well-made little horror that’s certainly worth your time.

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