The Medusa Gambit By Rowan Casey. Book review

The Medusa Gambit By Rowan Casey, Harbinger Publications,  Kindle £3.99. p/b £8.99

Reviewed by Matthew Johns

The sixth instalment in the Veil Knights series introduces us to Sir Regis, private investigator and Knight of the Veil. Accompanied by his faithful, but ever so slightly mysterious squire Penelope, or Pip as he prefers to call her, he has been sent on a quest by the magician Dante Grimm to find another artefact that will help to maintain the veil and prevent our world from being overrun by evil beings from another dimension.

The book opens with the knight and his squire in a train station in downtown Los Angeles, searching for a professor to question about the artefact, and sees him battling a dragon within a few short pages.

As with the previous books in the Veil Knights series, the action flies off the page thick and fast, with a healthy dose of humour added to the mix. Sirens, giants, dragons, manticores and more stand in the way of Sir Regis as he tries to find the artefact that he seeks while getting used to the mantle of the Veil Knight.

Eminently readable, this is hard to put down and left this reader not wanting the book to finish! The team behind Rowan Casey are all obviously accomplished authors, as there hasn’t been a duff book in this series so far. The characters are all well fleshed out, with snappy dialogue, humour and a great combination of fantasy genres colliding in our modern world.