The Monster’s Corner. Book review

THE MONSTER’S CORNER edited by Christopher Golden. Piatkus £10.00

Reviewed by Tom Crouch

I’ve had this book on my bedside cabinet for some time now, dipping in to it every so often. I’ve still to read all of its contents, but it’s time to comment – just in time for Hallowe’en.

This is an intriguing anthology. Christopher Golden posed the question: what’s it like from the monster’s point of view? Mostly, we read stories from the human’s side, so we get only a partial interpretation of events. But as Gary Braunbeck asserts in his piece, monsters have feelings, too, and want a better press.

There are nineteen tales (plus Golden’s introduction) to get your mind-teeth into. Most of the stories are original to this publication – just one reprint. In his introduction, Golden states that he loves monsters. And who doesn’t? Of course, we are talking of the fictional creatures. I’d hate to meet any of these in the flesh, so to speak. He also mentioned the two rules his contributors had to abide by: no zombies or vampires (hooray) and no human monsters (serial killers, I guess).

Contributors include Kelley Armstrong, Michael Marshall Smith, Kevin J Anderson, Sarah Pinborough and Simon R Green (a Devil of a tale). Remember, this is an interim report; nevertheless, on the evidence so far I’d give it an A. Excellent stories, and I look forward to finishing the rest of the book. Ideal horrors for Hallowe’en.