The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine by John Llewellyn Probert. Book review

9deathsTHE NINE DEATHS OF DR. VALENTINE by John Llewellyn Probert, 

SPECTRAL PRESS, p/b £5.99 Kindle £1.98

Reviewed by Rex Sumner
Synopsis: The police investigation of nine murders of Doctors, each one theatrical, outrageous and very, very public.  The investigation shows that they may be copying Vincent Price horror films.  The story is told through following the investigation, from the viewpoint of the Inspector. It also goes to the viewpoint of the victims up until the last moment.
Characterisation:  Excellent.  In just a few lines the author brings each character to life.  There is a wonderful hint of a love affair.
Narrative:  The opening is a little stilted, but otherwise it flows along well.    A page turner, you want to know how the next person is going to die.
Conversation: natural and flows perfectly.
Overall, it’s lots of fun.  Although labelled as a gruesome comic revenge romp, I didn’t feel it was particularly comic while reading it, you have to step back to see that.  I felt the ending should have been stronger and better, but my biggest complaint is that it is too short!  Barely 80 pages and I would have enjoyed it as a longer book.
Marks from me A, I wouldn’t read it again and I will happily read other books by this author.
Recommendation: read this book.  I’m not into horror or crime, but I enjoyed it.  So will you.  Good light reading.