The Purging of Kadillus by Gav Thorpe. Book review

THE PURGING OF KADILLUS by Gav Thorpe. Black Library £8.99
Reviewed by Steve Dean

The planet of Piscina IV has been invaded by not one ork horde but two, each commanded by a veteran warlord. The Dark Angels space marines 3rd chapter have been tasked with protecting the planet. The orks attack in ever increasing numbers, threatening to overwhelm the marines, and as well as hold them at bay, the Dark Angels must also find out where the orks are coming from.

To say I’ve not been a huge fan of Mr Thorpe’s previously is a bit of an understatement. I’ve found his other works to be full of waffle and froth, but this time he’s managed to concentrate on the action and hold back on the rest. It’s not perfect by any means, there is still a lot of unnecessary chatter and exposition, but for the most part it works well. The action set pieces are descriptive and well thought out, the characters are rounded and believable, and although you’ll probably guess early on where the orks are coming from, it’s still a decent piece of fiction.

Overall then, a book that stands shoulder to shoulder with others of it’s kind, if not yet ready to challenge the might of McNeill or Abnett.