The Quest of Dick & Dom (CBBC)

Review by Stephen Theaker Plague ravages the kingdom. Two accident-prone princes drop the antidote and are sent on a quest to find more. A wizard and a saucy lady thief complete the party. This is a thirteen-episode series, shot entirely on location with lots of clever special and visual effects, full of jokes both original and ancient.

Adults will see that The Quest of Dick & Dom wears its influences on its sleeve – Carry On, Monty Python (Terry Jones narrates), Reeves and Mortimer, the Mighty Boosh, Asterix and Groo the Wanderer – but a seven year old would probably think it the most hilarious, original, astonishing thing ever made.

Even for adults, it’s pretty darn astonishing – and very funny. When the giant teats of a giant cow dangled into shot I thought I’d wandered into another television dimension. When the princes began to milk that cow, in order to shrink it down to normal size, the parents in the room exchanged raised eyebrows, but decided to go along for the ride…

At a time when children’s drama on other channels is dead and buried, the BBC should be applauded for putting so much effort and money into ambitious and exciting children’s fantasy like this; plus Sarah Jane Adventures, M.I. High and Young Dracula.

If cancelling Grange Hill made room in the budget for this, then I wish they’d cancelled it thirty years ago… How marvellous to have childhood memories of silly men milking giant cows rather than bullies beating up fat kids for their dinner money.

This review originally appeared in the December 2008 issue of Prism.