The Rivers of London: Detective Stories #3. Comic Review

The Rivers of London: Detective Stories #3 by  Ben Aaronovitch, Andrew Cartmel, Lee Sullivan (Illustrator), Luis Guerrero (Illustrator)
Titan, ebook, £2.39
Reviewed by Sarah Deeming

The Rivers of London: Detective Stories are self-contained magical crimes. Sitting his detective’s exam, PC Peter Grant explains some of his cases to an examiner.

#3 combines the classic feel of noir with modern policing and a cold case. Through a séance, Grant gets a murder case via the victim’s ghost. The realism is enjoyable, combining the frustration of a cold case, decades old and most of the suspects are dead, as well as paranormal problems, just because a séance worked once doesn’t mean it will again. I’m a sucker for non-HEA so I enjoyed its frustrations.

The art is cool and slick, guiding you from the detective exam to varying age of memories and into another character’s POV without breaking the flow of the narrative. There is one exception where Grant helps someone move into a new house. It doesn’t seem to add anything to the story and, if you don’t have any previous knowledge of the world you might wonder why Michael Myers is there. (It isn’t Michael Myers, it’s Lesley, and if you don’t know why she’s wearing a mask, I won’t spoil it for you.)

Overall, a light and entertaining jump into this established world showing us a different side to magical policing.