The Royal Sorceress by Christopher Nuttall. Ebook review

sorceressThe Royal Sorceress by Christopher Nuttall,

Elsewhen Press, Kindle £2.48, LINK

Reviewed by Rex Sumner

This is an interesting and enjoyable story set in an alternate Victorian era, with a young girl plucked from nowhere to discover she is not just a magician, but a master magician, only the fifth ever discovered and one of only two currently available.  At the same time as following this story track, there is the fate of women before the suffragettes and a very socialist depiction of life under aristocratic tyranny.
The history of this world is revealed bit by bit, with interesting allusions to Napoleon and Sherlock Holmes, while Nelson and other traditional British heroes appear in cameos.
The writing is good, the tale lively and with a decent pace but it is hard to really get a feeling for the heroine and not all the characters are fully developed.  The heavy socialist push makes it hard to see how the economy works, but it is interesting to see a very different viewpoint.
Magicians have different talents, there are even zombies making an appearance for the British Crown and a twist at the end.  The different talents are explored briefly, as the heroine, Gwen, learns each one.
Enjoyable, but if you are not left wing you may find it hard going.