The Sign of Glaaki by Steven Savile and Steve Lockley. Book review

glaakiTHE SIGN OF GLAAKI by Steven Savile and Steve Lockley, Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc., e/b, $8.99,

Reviewed by Matthew Johns

Lockley and Savile do an amazing job of bringing HP Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythology to life.  The legendary Harry Houdini summons Englishman Dennis Wheatley to Dunwich, USA, a small town, perpetually enshrouded in a cloak of fog to act as a consultant on a movie.  A friend of Houdini, Ulysses Monk, is making a movie in the town and needs help to identify genuine “freaks” for the movie, to ensure authenticity.  With cast and crew dying in mysterious circumstances, Houdini and Wheatley soon find themselves out of their depth.

Savile and Lockley elevate the suspense gradually, introducing more weird and wonderful characters to the plot, and building to a climactic ending.

Definitely a gripping read, the authors immerse the reader fully into their part of the Cthulhu world.  With believable, engaging characters and well written, snappy dialogue, this is a pleasure to read and hard to put down.

Whether you’re new to the world of Cthulhu and the associated dark gods, or a long-time fan, this book is well worth a read.