The Sookie Stackhouse Companion. Book Review


Gollancz, hb, £.16.99

Reviewed by Selina Lock

This is exactly what it says on the cover; a guide to all things Sookie Stackhouse. It includes a new short story, summaries of all the novels, information on the short stories, a guide to the creatures of the Sookieverse in her own words, a trivia quiz section, Southern recipes as would be eaten in Bon Temps, interviews with Alan Ball and Charlaine Harris, thoughts from fans of the series and entries on characters, events and settings in the books.

This is one for the hardcore Sookie Stackhouse book series fans, who will love the details and insights related.

For those that follow the books, the main point of interest is going to be the new eighty page short story ‘Small-Town Wedding’. Harris gives us a wider glimpse into the Sookieverse by sending Sookie to Sam’s home town as his date for a family wedding. This is set after the shifters have revealed themselves to the world and shows us how the revelation has split a community apart. As usual, Sam and Sookie find themselves smack in the middle of a dangerous situation, fighting to keep their loved ones and innocent people safe. We get to see some returning characters and some ongoing plot threads are resolved, so a must read for fans.

I would have preferred some of the sections to be more clearly labelled in the table of contents, as a section called Life in Bon Temps did not say to me that it was the summaries of each of the novels. If you’re a follower of the True Blood TV series, rather than of the novels, then most of the Companion won’t mean much to you, given the way the two series have diverged.

One to buy if you’re pining for the next Sookie Stackhouse novel, or as a gift for a loved one who is.