The Tattooed Tribes by Bev Allen. Ebook review

The Tattooed Tribes by Bev Allen, Wild Wolf Publishing, Kindle, £1.99, Website

Reviewed by Dave Brzeski

In a way, this could almost be an example of the alternate history sub-genre of science fiction. It’s set on a world that very much resembles a combination all of the various continents that the British Empire moved in on in centuries past . It actually isn’t though, as it’s set on a backwoods planet, which was left to fend for itself while the rest of human civilisation fought one of those pointless wars they seem to like so much—this one lasting for some 500 years. It’s set 50 years after the end of that war, and the planet, Boskgrun, has been rediscovered by humankind as somewhere with vast potential for exploitation, except that there are inevitably do-gooders out there, who have set up various things to protect the lifestyle of the now indigenous tribes.

Jon Harabin, Tribal Liaison Officer—a sort of combination policeman, environmentalist and go between for the indigenous tribes and the new settlers—is expected to take his first apprentice. More on instinct than anything else, he passes over one good possibility, for another somewhat less encouraging candidate, but both these young people, and their respective families eventually come to play a large part in the story.

I particularly liked the author’s handling of the tribal customs and hierarchy, not to mention the words from local language, which very cleverly showed their original earth roots. Bev Allen obviously put a great deal of thought into this.

When I started this review, this book was with Thorstruck Press, who have since ceased trading. This makes Wild Wolf Publishing the third publisher Bev Allen’s books have been with since her first novel, Jabin, was published. Let’s hope her streak of bad luck in this regard is finally at an end.