The Toxic Avenger III – The Last Temptation of Toxie. Film Review

Toxie_3_BR_2D_PACKSHOT_0fe5fe90-c6f4-4f13-a362-c5f867cf81b3_1024x1024THE TOXIC AVENGER III – THE LAST TEMPTATION OF TOXIE
DIRECTOR: Lloyd Kaufman & Michael Herz
SCREENPLAY: Lloyd Kaufman & Michael Herz
STARRING: Ron Fazio, John Altamura, Phoebe Legere
FORMAT: Blu-ray

Reviewed by Guy Adams

A Tromaville video store is attacked by thugs named after movie production companies. They want to stop the store stocking a diverse selection of Troma titles, replacing them with generic comedies. Luckily, the Toxic Avenger is here to save the day, beating them all up in as slow and ponderous a fashion possible, pausing only to skip using a thug’s intestine. When you’re New Jersey’s only superhero you have to keep trim.

From there on we step away from subtlety.

Strangely, as broad and absurd as everything onscreen is, it also manages to feel terribly dull. Long scenes of not-quite-actors gurning their way through material that is either haltingly improvised or chunks of script slowly, almost remembered. What may have appeared fast-paced, madcap fun on paper is stilted and overlong onscreen. Like being screamed at in slow-mo.

When the best thing in your movie is Phoebe Legere dry humping the camera while playing the accordion you just know you’re in trouble.

Still, for fans of the Toxic Avenger, the blu-ray is bloated with material to see you through. There are two commentaries, one from the joyously deluded mind of Lloyd Kaufman and one from Troma regular Joe Fleishaker, plus a host of interviews, shorts and slideshows.