The Wanderers on Earth by Susan Plunket. Review.

The Wanderers on Earth by Susan Plunket

Cosmic Egg Books, pb, £13.99

Review by Lottie Lightfoot

The second book in the trilogy, The Wanderers on Earth finds the wanderers from the fifth dimension are now walking amongst humans on earth, now incarnate 21 year olds with special abilities.

The book laboured the point a lot, and it was a bit hard to keep track. It begins with one of the wanderers growing up on earth and slowly starting to realise that she’s different and that her life has been under threat by some unseen dark force. The next chapter follows in the same fashion, following a wanderer who realises their abilities and has a brush with death, visits the astral plane they’re from, and so on. The chapters go on like this for a while, with different characters, really driving the point home that there’s wanderers on earth and they don’t know why they’re there yet and they have a purpose. The repetition was quite annoying and laboursome to get through.

The book switches perspective quite frequently, making it hard to get a good grasp on what’s actually happening and quite difficult to get any meaningful attachment to the characters. The villain is amusing in a Saturday cartoon kind of way, but it feels as though there isn’t really that much of a pressing threat. There’s no meat.

If I’m being frank, I struggled to get into this book. I found the prose a bit too flowery and couldn’t really get behind much of the lore, though I will say that it was meticulously planned and thought out. It’s clear that a lot of effort and time went into constructing the world (worlds, rather) and it’s rules. But it’s not for me, but I can’t say it’s not for others either. For those who like a dash of spirituality and religion, this trilogy is definitely the one for you.