The Winter Hunt and Other Stories By Steve Lockley and Paul Lewis. Book review

The Winter Hunt and Other Stories By Steve Lockley and Paul Lewis, Parallel Universe Publications, £8.99 p/b, £2.97 Kindle

Reviewed by Matthew Johns

Lockley and Lewis have created a fantastic collection of British horror tales, all set in locations that feel very familiar. Their story-telling style is very easy to digest, and incredibly accessible.

The opening tale, “The Winter Hunt” is superb – Angharad lives with her alcoholic father and younger brother somewhere in Wales, works in a discount shoe shop and dreams of a better life. She resents her current life and family, and when her brother starts thinking that something is chasing after him, she soon begins to realise that maybe he’s not imagining things after all.

Another of my favourites is “Gabriel Restrained”, which tells the tale of Duncan Matthias, and his wife Annie. Annie had been dying of cancer, but her prayers had been answered and the Angel Gabriel was sent to them. Curing Annie’s cancer, they had locked him in their spare bedroom so he couldn’t escape as they feared that the cancer would return without him. When they decide to use Gabriel’s power to cure the child of friends, who is also dying from cancer, they find themselves barraged by journalists and others looking for miracles.

Each of Lockley and Lewis’ stories are well crafted, with locations and characters that feel real pushed into situations that do not.