The Woman Who Died a Lot. Book Review


Hodder and Stoughton, h/b, £16.99

Reviewed by Matthew Johns

The latest in Fforde’s pun-filled, chock-full-of-literary-humour Thursday Next series, The Woman Who Died a Lot carries on where the others left off.

It begins with Thursday Next living a life of semi-disabled semi-retirement after an almost successful assassination attempt – struggling to walk, with limited use of an arm and regular double vision. Swindon faces the threat of a pillar of cleansing fire coming from a vengeful God who has helpfully given a time and date for said pillar of fire to arrive, and her son has been informed that he will soon kill somebody and spend the next 30-odd years in jail before dying soon after he is freed. Life’s not looking too good for Thursday…

As always, Fforde delivers a winner – immensely entertaining and easy to read. The characters are well rounded, and the dialogue snappy, amusing and filled with the usual plays on words and general silliness. Thursday’s efforts to thwart the Goliath Corporation’s evil plans, ensure her genius daughter lives a normal teenage life and figure out just what the Dark Reading Matter actually is keep the reader entertained from start to finish. If you’ve not experienced Fforde’s unique humour before, then check the Thursday Next series out.