The Young Dictator: Jenny Khan by Rhys Hughes. Book review

The Young Dictator: Jenny Khan by Rhys Hughes, Paperback £8.50, Publisher Pillar International
Reviewed by Rebecca Lloyd
This funny satirical book by Rhys Hughes has an Alice in Wonderland feel to it. While enticing the reader along on a charming journey with Jenny Khan, the twelve year old central character who takes on the political establishment with all its queer traditions and spooky behaviours, the story, at its heart, is a serious one despite the existence of a secret world in which boundaries between reality and fantasy do not exist. It is an easy book to read and one from which it is possible to imagine sequels arising. At one and the same time, the book is full of surprises, yet because Rhys Hughes’s imagination is a wild thing, the reader can expect him to lead them anywhere from the simple and homely to the bizarre and fantastical.