Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction #46 Edited by Stephen Theaker and John Greenwood. Zine review

THEAKER’S QUARTERLY FICTION #46 Edited by Stephen Theaker and John Greenwood, Silver Age Books, s/b,£3.37, ezine now £0.00,

Reviewed by Matthew Johns

Stephen Theaker is a well-known figure within the British Fantasy Society – administrator of the British Fantasy Awards, reviewer, author, co-editor of Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction.

This 46th edition of the Quarterly Fiction is an eclectic mix of dystopian futures, steampunk-ish cybernetics, smuggling in space, mining for sorrow and talking planets.  All highly readable, definitely leaving the reader wanting more from the authors.

Highlights include the aforementioned steampunk-ish cybernetics of Petrol-Saved, from Charles Wilkinson.  In this, a divorced retiree finds himself in debt to a mysterious doctor that no-one in his village is willing to talk about.  A mysterious doctor who is awfully keen on vintage cars, and has quite remarkable powers of restoration…

Mitchell Edgeworth’s Customs tells of a spoilt rich kid who build his own space freighter and finds his beliefs and values challenged when he becomes a reluctant pirate.

Following the intriguing collection of tales are some reviews of books, films, audio books and television episodes, ranging from Doctor Who, to Star Trek, to Lovecraftian fiction – something for everyone to enjoy, and a more than pleasant way to while away some time.  Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction is a great way to discover new authors, or find short tales from more well-established weavers of fiction.