Tomes of the Dead: Double Dead by Chuck Wendig. Book Review


Abaddon Books, s/b, £7.99

Reviewed by Matthew Johns

A zombie apocalypse tale with a difference, this tells the story of Coburn the vampire awoken from a desiccated near death state to find the New York he used to know changed. No more is it a buzzing metropolis full of people partying, it’s now a wasteland populated with zombies and a few survivors trying to eke out what living they can without getting eaten by said zombies. Gone is the ready source of food for Coburn – he must now hunt carefully for human survivors, and has to start thinking about his long term food supply.

This is made even more difficult by one particular zombie which, after drinking some of his blood, mutated into a deadly zombie-vampire crossbreed.

A nice twist on the standard zombie apocalypse genre, Coburn’s fight against his inner animalistic vampire to not immediately consume all of his prey and to instead become their protector is excellently portrayed on these pages. The different groups of humans he comes across, including cannibals and religious zealots, all add to his troubles and woes.

Chuck Wendig paints a realistic post-zombie apocalypse world, and fully immerses the reader in the trials and tribulations facing Coburn and the flock of humans that he starts to protect. Even if you don’t enjoy a good zombie adventure, try this book – it’s not the standard zombie fare; the human and vampire elements really make this one worth seeking out.