Trancers. Film Review

DIRECTOR: Charles Band
SCREENPLAY: Danny Bilson & Paul De Meo
STARRING: Tim Thomerson, Helen Hunt, Michael Stefani
RUNNING TIME: 76 Minutes
FORMAT: Blu-ray
Reviewed by Guy Adams

Meet Jack Deth (Thomerson), stubble-farm, gaberdine wearer, future-cop and growling-enthusiast. He’s being sent back in time to hunt down Martin Whistler, bastard, megalomaniac and sneer-owner.

In the future we’ll be able to travel back along our own bloodlines so that we can inhabit the bodies of our ancestors. Normally that sort of thing requires privacy, a stout spade, industrial-grade lubricant and a history of severe mental health problems. In the world of TRANCERS it requires a gurney and some flashing lights because B Movies are always better than real life.

Jack Deth arrives in mid-eighties Los Angeles where he meets Helen Hunt before she was troubled by anything so boring as a successful career. Together they have adventures on a moped and its all so glorious as to defy description.

TRANCERS is a neon-infused joy, seventy-six minutes of pure escapist nonsense that I envy anyone the joy of experiencing for the first time (I made the mistake of watching it when I was a teenager, desperate for worthy cinema and blind to its fizzing wonder, I enjoyed it much more now I’ve finally got over myself). Thanks to 88Films you can now enjoy it on blu-ray where the neon really pops and you actually smell Thomerson’s whisky-breath guffing from the screen in luscious malty mouth farts.

Special features include a commentary with Thomerson and Band, a twenty-five minute sequel TRANCERS 1.5 (from an aborted anthology project, many full length sequels also followed), a making-of feature and several archival interviews. A glorious package.

If you don’t all buy it instantly I’ll travel back in time, marry your mothers and try and bring you up with a better sense of cinematic taste.