Transdimensional by Michael Gordon. Review.

Transdimensional by Michael Gordon

Tpub, ebook, TBC

Reviewed by Sarah Deeming

Submarine L285 has been missing since the last days of the cold war. When it is rediscovered at the bottom of the ocean, Deacon Price will stop at nothing to get to it first. He uses his influence in the DCM Nautical Institute and the military to fund an expedition and gathers together the best team for the job including his best friend, Cooper and estranged wife, Gracie. Tensions on the sub heighten as their depth drops. Gracie resents being on the sub, her daughter with Deacon is sick which has caused the breakdown in their marriage and now she is in a relationship with Cooper.

But Gracie and Cooper aren’t the only ones with secrets. Deacon believes the answer to his daughter’s health is in sub L285. But when he finally gets there, he is not prepared for what he finds. The cost of saving Deacon’s daughter is huge. Throughout Deacon is plagued with monstrous visions. Can he accept these visions as a fair price for his daughter’s health?

Transdimensional is a story about parental love and the extent parents will go to for their children. Rather than focusing on a mother’s love, it centres on a father’s love which makes for a refreshing change. Deacon is plagued with guilt about his daughter’s illness as if it was something he could have prevented. As a character, he is relatable, intelligent while also missing other things, like wanting to keep his family together, but failing to see what is between his best friend and estranged wife.

As always, Wijngaard’s colouring skilfully matches the mood of the story and when combined with Henrique Pereria’s artwork, conveys the increasing tensions on the sub and the characters desperation as events move outside of their understanding. The colouring is bleak, the panels are efficient, the eye is not overloaded, but given everything needed to tell a story effectively without confusing the issue.

I have reviewed a number of graphic novels and comics from Tpub Comics and have always been impressed at how well their works capture human emotion. Transdimensional is no different. Deacon is left with an almost impossible decision between the world and his daughter and we feel his torment, his indecision, his guilt, but most of all his resolution. Gordon and his team do justice to the truth that a father loves his children as much as their mother.

Initially released as four individual comics, the fourth instalment currently on Kickstarter, it will also be released as a complete graphic novel. If you have already read #1-3 then #4 is a satisfying and emotional ending. If you haven’t come across it, then it is an intelligent character-led piece and well worth your time.