Traveller: High and Dry (Adventure). RPG review

Traveller: High and Dry (Adventure), Mongoose Publishing, Website

Review by Rick Hudson

High and Dry is a cracking Traveller adventure aimed at introducing new characters, providing them with a ship and kick-starting them in their adventuring career. Although cited as an introductory adventure it would suit old hands returning to the game well. The booklet gives colourful and characterful detail of the subsector and particular planets where adventure takes place. This is a scenario with plenty of personality.

Importantly, the mission the players are sent on is suited to characters of mixed career backgrounds; the adventure is tailored to accommodate differing character types and call on varied skills. No player is going to feel left out of High and Dry. Paradoxically, while the adventure is pretty much combat free – unless the players decide to go looking for it – it is a very exciting adventure, placing the travellers in a ‘disaster movie’ situation. Engineering, political, social and scientific skills are called for rather than firearms and fisticuffs. Traveller can become rather wearisome if it just becomes a series of fights (as can any RPG), and High and Dry demonstrates the possibilities Traveller offers for varied and challenging adventures.

The information provided on District 286 and the particular worlds of Flammarion and Walston is detailed enough to enable the referee to use this part of the Traveller universe as the focus of their campaign. This is particularly true if the referee is out to create a campaign with something of the feel of TV programmes like Firefly or The Expanse. There’s plenty of scope for drama, adventure, jeopardy and humour in this interesting yet downbeat sector of the cosmos.