Triniton Roleplaying Game by Christian Ahlin. RPG review

Triniton Roleplaying Game by Christian Ahlin, $64 softback, $29 Digital,

Few new RPG’s these days act as an introduction to the hobby, so many assume you know how to roleplay and everything involved in a game but Christian Ahlin has created a fully fleshed out rule system, campaign and detailed explanation of how to play a roleplaying game with new release, Triniton.

The setting is science fiction, a refreshing change from the oh-so-common sword and sorcery and not only does it explain everything so well but has varying levels of complexity, meaning you can play with just d6’s or for more advanced gamers, the polyhedral dice we know and love. The campaign itself is an epic story of heroes in a race against time to save a planet from a galactic menace known as The Voider. The whole campaign is detailed in the ruleset with entirely original factions and creatures to face along with pre-generated characters so you can jump in and play straight away.

Not only is the book beautifully illustrated but the set also comes with a separate short story to flesh out the setting, a set of cards used in the playing of the game and an excellent soundtrack (on CD if you buy the hard copy) to set the mood for each chapter.

The game is suitable for players of any age and kids will relish this as a great introduction to RPGs, while there’s plenty for more advanced gamers to get their teeth into.