Veil Knights – The Questing Beast By Rowan Casey. Book review

Veil Knights – The Questing Beast By Rowan Casey, Harbinger Publications, e/b £2.99

Reviewed by Matthew Johns

Book two of the Veil Knights series introduces the next couple of unwitting knights to join Dante Grimm in his quest to find mystical artefacts to keep hordes of demons at bay.

Perce and Dani Pellin are twins, brought up by their strict, religious mother after their father was killed by the titular and mysterious Questing Beast. Trained from childhood as hunters, forbidden from typical childhood activities by their mother, both are gifted with preternatural abilities.

The worship of writers (the collective noun for a group of authors!) known as Rowan Casey have consistently delivered gripping adventures that bring Grail mythology into our modern world. Their latest does not disappoint – throwing the reader into Perce and Dani’s demon hunting adventures, as they try to protect the innocent and avoid the Questing Beast itself. Some great humour is injected as the twins start to find their way in a modern world that they do not know, particularly when they discover smart phones and the vault of knowledge at their fingertips through a certain search engine! Another cracking , action-packed episode, leaves the reader wanting more! Luckily, with a monthly publishing schedule, you and I won’t have to wait too long!