Vigil. Book Review

VIGIL by Angela Slatter
Jo Fletcher Books, p/b, 384pp, £8.99
Reviewed by Matthew Johns

Verity Fassbinder is a private detective living in Brisbane with mixed parentage – no, not Caucasian and Aborigine as might be easily assumed, but half human, half Weyrd. The Weyrd are a race of magical creatures that hide in plain sight of the “Normals”, conducting their business and trying to avoid being too obvious.

Children begin to disappear in Brisbane, and Verity is recruited by the ruling council of the Weyrd to investigate this. While investigating the missing children, dead Sirens begin to turn up, so the Brisbane police turn to Verity to help them uncover who or what is behind this series of gruesome killings.

Quotes on the cover compare Slatter’s novel to Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden series, and this is an excellent comparison (assuming you’re a fan of Jim Butcher!). Personally, I loved Slatter’s combination of magic and myth with modern-day Brisbane. She delivers punchy dialogue, believable characters and the action flies off the page. Slatter’s new urban fantasy world is superbly crafted, and leaves the reader gasping for more – I cannot wait for book two of the series to appear!