Vowed. Book Review

vowedVOWED by Liz De Jager
Tor, p/b, £7.99
Reviewed by Elloise Hopkins

A young boy sits up in bed. Strange music plays somewhere, faintly. A creature comes. The boy is too terrified to make a sound. He does not call for help. Then he realises what the creature is going to do, and then he finds the ability to scream… loudly enough to wake his brother.

On the streets of London a new drug, the one they call Glow, is gaining popularity. More addictive and dangerous than any other, it has begun to claim many victims. Its origins are unclear; those who use it simply say that the fairies gave it to them. Kit Blackhart, recovered now from her injuries, is contracted to find those who are selling it, and stop them.

Kit takes on her new task with enthusiasm. That is, until she is forced to partner up with someone from the Spook Squad, or more correctly Her Majesty’s Department of Supernatural Defence and Investigation. Annoyingly slightly older than Kit, and even more confident and self-assured than she, Dante Alexander will no doubt turn out to be more than a handful.

The second in The Blackhart Legacy, Vowed continues the tale of Kit Blackhart now she has more fully come into her powers and begun to understand her origins and purpose. The book plays out predominantly as a mystery, following Kit and Dante as they begin to unravel the secret of the new drug and missing children. It has a very different feel to the first book of the series and focuses far more on Kit’s relationships and her development.

As a heroine Kit is incredibly conflicted, one moment displaying a strength and arrogance that occasionally borders on distasteful, the next full of the quiet vulnerability and uncertainty of her young years. As an older reader I found her hard to relate to at times – perhaps more a fault resulting from my age rather than her character. This is YA fiction, after all.

The same witty humour and slavish devotion to food help the narrative along, and the fun elements of the first book also flow through into the sequel. Whilst Vowed has a definite different feel and pace to Banished, fans will enjoy taking another journey with Kit and her ever odd collection of allies.