Warhammer 40,000: Labyrinth of Sorrows by George Mann. AudioBook review

WARHAMMER 40,000: LABYRINTH OF SORROWS by George Mann, Black Library, Audio book – £10.00

Reviewed by Steve Dean

Another one of those strange audio dramas the Black Library seem to love. On voice duty this time we have Saul Reichlin, Sean Barrett and Rupert Degas. The usual sound effects and dramatic music are all here, and production wise I can’t fault it.

On the mortuary world of Kasharat, space marines the Brazen Minotaurs are infiltrating a chaos held temple-tomb to recover an artefact that could, of course, turn the tide of battle if they succeed.

Unknown to the Brazen Minotaurs, a handful of Raven Guard space marines are also in there. It seems the Raven Guard owe the Brazen Minotaurs a favour, and so are aiding the BMs in their quest, but the RGs, for some reason, are hiding from the BMs and clearing a path through the temple-tomb in order to return the favour. With me so far?

This is all pretty much done by the numbers, it’s moderately entertaining, but not particularly original. Your socks will definitely stay on your feet when you listen to this. At ten quid, this is one for hardcore fans only.