Warhammer 40,000 – Red and Black by James Swallow. Audiobook review

WARHAMMER 40,000 – RED AND BLACK by James Swallow , The Black Library Audiobook £10.00

Reviewed By Steve Dean

For those of you unfamiliar with the product range, this is a CD audio drama. In other words, a short story with someone dropping cutlery in the background at appropriate moments. We also get some nice dramatic music, and the whole thing is well performed by Beth Chalmers and Lisa Bowerman.

The planet Hollos, it seems, has just emerged from a warp storm after several centuries of isolation. Celestian Miriya and her Sisters of Battle are sent by their order to investigate the planet, and to decide if the inhabitants have been naughty or nice. Everything seems ok when they arrive, but things start to go awry and the sisters find themselves under attack. The biggest complaint I have with this, and other Sisters of Battle stories, is if you changed all the female specific words, her to him, she to he etc, it would just be any other Warhammer story. They are just women soldiers, with nothing about their characters that makes them distinctly female. An opportunity lost in the male-dominated 40th millennium.

Those one or two people who have read my previous reviews will know I’m not a big fan of these things. It’s not the fact that it’s an audio book, but that it’s so slight for the price, and most of the stories told aren’t great. Ten quid is a lot of money, especially in the present economic climate. You’d get far better value elsewhere.