Warhammer 40K – Path Of The Seer by Gav Thorpe. Book review

WARHAMMER 40K – PATH OF THE SEER by Gav Thorpe, The Black Library £7.99

Reviewed by Steve Dean

This is book two of the Path of the Eldar series. Eldar, if you don’t know, are basically space elves, with a few cosmetic changes. Don’t worry if you haven’t read book one, as per my previous review it’s all guff and padding, so you haven’t missed a lot.

Anyway, eldar Thirianna decides to become a seer. She then foretells of a massive fleet approaching the craft world (a space ship, not a shop), she lives on, but no one else can see it. She finally convinces them and they set about building up the defences. The seers realise that the coming battle can only be won by sacrificing a huge portion of the world and its inhabitants. The Mon-keigh (monkey = mankind, get it?) fleet arrives, determined to destroy the vessel and every eldar in it.

The first half of the book is summed up in that one paragraph, which shows how much padding there is. Luckily for all involved it does get better once battle is joined. I found the characters to be sketchy and bland. Take out the eldar descriptions and these could be just a load of humans. There’s no sympathy for any of them, and in the end you don’t really care who kills who.

The second half is a fairly decently told story of the beginning stages of the battle for the craft world. By then of course it’s too late. There are much better WH 40K books about battles out there, without having to wade through the boring stuff in the first half. I’d give this one a miss.