Warrior Priest by Darius Hinks. Book Review

WARRIOR PRIEST by Darius Hinks. Black Library £7.99

Reviewed by M P Ericson

Jakob Wolff, Sigmarite priest extraordinaire, butchers his way through the Empire in search of his fallen brother Fabian, who is asthmatic and therefore (in the appallingly ableist perspective of the Warhammer world) obviously evil. His companions are Ratboy, an adoring acolyte whose main story purpose seems to be insisting that Wolff is really fabulous, and Anna, a healer persecuted by ultra-misogynistic witch hunter Surman.

Which is…not very interesting. This could have been – and seems intended as – a study in the danger of too-rigid faith. But Wolff is a dull central character, a self-righteous narcissist ranged against a collection of stereotypes (including a villain who actually twirls his moustache!). Frankly, I had a lot more sympathy for his hard-done-by brother, who at least had a human backstory.

One to avoid.