WH40K: Eye of Vengeance by Graham McNeill. Audiodrama review

EYE OF VENGEANCE: Ultramarines Audio Drama, Graham McNeill, The Black Library, CD, £10

Reviewed By Steve Dean

The Bloodborn and their cyborg machines have invaded Quintarn, a world belonging to the Ultramarines. The space marines are, naturally, upset about this, as Quintarn is an agri-world, and source of their bacon and other necessities.

This particular dramatised short story focuses on scout sergeant Torias Telion and his small band of recruits, as they sneak about a bit and generally harass the enemy. Telion soon finds a forge used by the Chaos forces to manufacture the living battle engines they use, and sets about destroying it.

The voice duties are handled very well by Saul Reichlin and Rupert Degas, and the narration is by Sean Barrett. The sound effects are ok, as is the background music. The story itself is fine, if a little telegraphed by the blurb.

One thing I did notice, after listening to several of these things, is they are all a bit samey. BL needs to introduce some variation in the actors and such, no offence meant to the present performers.

If you’ve read any of my previous reviews of these things, you’ll know I’m not a fan. Ten quid is a lot of money these days, and paying that much for a short story is a lot to ask, even if we do get sound effects and posh voice overs. If this was a quid I could recommend it, but you can get a Dan Abnett novel for less than a tenner, and still have change for a Mars bar.