WYNTERTIDE By Andrew Caldecott

WYNTERTIDE By Andrew Caldecott

Jo Fletcher Books, s/b, £14.99

Reviewed by Matthew Johns

The second in Andrew Caldecott’s Rotherweird series is the first of his work that I’ve picked up, and after a slightly slow start while I tried to figure out what had happened in the previous novel, turned out to be an excellent read.

Rotherweird is an odd place – separated from the rest of the country, and with history a forbidden topic since an evil sorcerer named Wynter carried out evil deeds in Elizabethan times, it is populated by peculiar characters with strange customs and laws. An election looms, and many characters within the town battle for political supremacy, all following their own agendas.

I really enjoyed this novel, with its unusual mix of magic and pseudo-science and eclectic characters sprinkled throughout the pages. Caldecott weaves a good tale and injects appropriate amounts of humour and action, but I really feel it would be further improved by beginning with a brief synopsis of the previous novel, as it is a complex tale with many characters both living and dead.