Your Brother’s Blood. Book Review

YourBrothersBlood_thumb[1]YOUR BROTHER’S BLOOD by David Towsey
Jo Fletcher Books, p/b, 336pp, £14.99
Reviewed by Matthew Johns

Towsey’s first novel is an interesting take on the zombie genre.  Set in a post-apocalyptic world, humanity has reverted to simpler times.  In the small town of Barkley, people live a Spartan life.  All writing and drawing is forbidden, except for the Bible, and the town pastor preaches hellfire and damnation.

Since the fall of humanity, when some people die, they return as a Walkin’, a member of the undead.  In an unusual twist, the Walkin’ are not brain-munching fiends, they are instead the same as they had been alive, just no longer breathing.  Still self-aware, still able to love, some towns allow the Walkin’ to live amongst them as second-class citizens, while others, like Barkley do not.

This novel is told mostly from the point of view of Thomas McDermott, a conscripted soldier who having awoken as a Walkin’ at the bottom of a pyre, returned to his wife and daughter in Barkley and was forced to flee with his daughter.

Towsey’s writing is a joy – the reader can feel and empathise with Thomas’ angst as he is hunted across inhospitable terrains with his young daughter.  This will appeal to fans of both the zombie and classic Western genres.