Zene #2 (ed. by Andy Cox and Mark Rose)

Review by Jenny Barber

There are some very appealing articles here, foremost in my mind is a piece by Kim Braemar about writing groups and the mind games they play which, believe me, is about as true as it gets – just in case you ever wondered what eccentricities the seemingly insipid members of the class got up to after hours.

There are other articles included which are sure to grab your interest, such as the one about science fiction poetry or the one about horror in the USA, and if anyone out there is interested in reviewing, Zene are looking for someone to do just that, also they’re interested in getting articles and interviews from the general public so if anyone wants to get involved just drop Andy and Mark a line.

The Miniature Magic Booklets are reviewed which is handy if you’ve seen the ads around various places and wondered just what they’re about, and for those of you interested in reading about Small Press warfare, check out the letters page, where a professor’s extremely negative letter (addressed to all Small Press editors and publishers) sent to Stuart Hughes of Peeping Tom is reprinted. It concerns a mythical ‘brotherhood’ of Small Press publishers who only publish the ‘same old people’ in each issue. Here’s hoping Stuart’s lengthy reply sets him straight.

For more entertainment invest in a copy of Zene which gives a comprehensive view of the Small Press world and is excellently done. One question though, just what exactly is written at the bottom of page eight as it seems to be written backwards!

This review was originally published in the January/February 1995 issue of the BFS Newsletter (Vol. 19, No. 1).