Angry Robot

Assassin Queen. Book Review


ASSASSIN QUEEN by Anna Kashina Angry Robot. p/b. 528pp. £8.99 Reviewed by Elloise Hopkins Kara is free. No longer Majat. No longer tied to Prince Kythar in anything other [...]

Drake. Book Review


DRAKE by Peter McLean Angry Robot Books, p/b, £8.99 Reviewed by Elloise Hopkins Being in Wormwood’s South London club is rarely a good thing, and at 3am with a hand he is [...]

Three by Jay Posey. Book review


Three by Jay Posey,  Angry Robot Books, 2013, £8.99 pb, Website Reviewed by Alex S. Bradshaw A post-apocalyptic heroic adventure, Three by Jay Posey takes us on a journey [...]

Blades of the Old Empire. Book review


BLADES OF THE OLD EMPIRE by Anna Kashina Angry Robot, p/b, 496pp, £4.83 Reviewed by Elloise Hopkins Prince Kythar Dorn has discovered a new ability, one which he is about to [...]

The Lives of Tao. Book Review


THE LIVES OF TAO by Wesley Chu Angry Robot Books, p/b, 416pp, £8.99 Reviewed by Matthew Johns The book opens with a scene almost out of a Bond movie – Edward Blair [...]
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