Brian McClellan

Sins of Empire. Book Review


SINS OF EMPIRE by Brian McClellan Orbit. p/b. £8.99 Reviewed by Elloise Hopkins General Flint always feels the sadness after a battle. She may be leading a mercenary band [...]

The Autumn Republic. Book Review


THE AUTUMN REPUBLIC by Brian McClellan Orbit. p/b, 624pp, £9.99 Reviewed by Elloise Hopkins Lord Claremonte is in the running to become First Minister of Adro. Tamas is deep [...]

The Crimson Campaign. Book Review


THE CRIMSON CAMPAIGN by Brian McClellan Orbit, h/b, 608pp, £16.99 Reviewed by Elloise Hopkins After all the trials and confrontations he has faced, Adamat has a score to [...]

Promise of Blood. Book Review


PROMISE OF BLOOD by Brian McClellan Orbit, h/b, 560pp, £14.99 Reviewed by Elloise Hopkins Adamat, former police inspector, has been summoned to the Skyline Palace, [...]