Clive Barker

The Hellbound Heart. Audio Drama Review


THE HELLBOUND HEART by Clive Barker Adapted by Paul Kane Bafflegab, CD £11.99, download £8.99, 75min Reviewed by Chris [...]

The Scarlet Gospels. Book review


THE SCARLET GOSPELS by Clive Barker Macmillan, h/b, 288pp, £18.99 Reviewed by Paul Kane Like a lot of people, my first encounter with Clive [...]

Lord of Illusions. Film Review


LORD OF ILLUSIONS Director: Clive Barker Screenplay: Clive Barker Starring: Scott Bakula, Kevin J. O’Connor, Famke Janssen, Daniel von Bargen Running Time: Theatrical Cut [...]

Arabat: Absolute Midnight. Book Review


ABARAT: ABSOLUTE MIDNIGHT by Clive Barker Harper Voyager, p/b, £8.99 Reviewed by Stewart Horn There is a world parallel to this but accessible by magic. It is the Abarat, [...]

Zombies from Corvus Books


Corvus Books have published an anthology, Zombies, originally published in the US as Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! by Vintage Crime/Black Lizard. “Horrifying ghouls, [...]

Coming soon from Clive Barker


On 27 September, HarperCollins publishes Clive Barker‘s long-awaited Abarat: Absolute Midnight. ‘ “I know that many of you here have waited years for [...]
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