The Fallen Kingdom. Book Review


THE FALLEN KINGDOM by Elizabeth May Gollancz. p/b. 320pp. £16.99 Reviewed by Elloise Hopkins Lady Alieana Kameron is back but this time she remembers nothing, not even her [...]

Blackwing. Book Review


BLACKWING by Ed McDonald Gollancz. h/b. 384pp. £12.99 Reviewed by Elloise Hopkins Three days into the Misery and they still have not caught up to the sympathisers they [...]

Dying of the Light. Book Review


DYING OF THE LIGHT by George R. R. Martin Gollancz, p/b, 365 pp, £9.99 Reviewed by Ritchie Valentine Smith George R R Martin needs no introduction to this audience, although [...]

Earthquake Weather. Book Review


Earthquake Weather by Tim Powers Gollancz, p/b, 464pp, £9.99 Reviewed by Catherine Mann On New Years Day 1995 there’s a small earthquake not far from the Hoover Dam; at [...]

The Watcher of Dead Time. Book Review


The Watcher of Dead Time by Edward Cox Gollancz, p/b, 368pp, £9.99 Reviewed by Richard Webb (@RaW_writing) This completes Edward Cox’s ‘Relic Guild’ trilogy that began [...]

Fish Tails. Book Review


FISH TAILS by Sheri S. Tepper Gollancz, p/b, 708pp, £9.99 Reviewed by Pauline Morgan Once an author has reached thirty-five published novels readers have usually decided [...]

The White City. Book Review


The White City by Simon Morden Gollancz, p/b,  336pp, £14.99 Reviewed by Martin Willoughby This is a stonkingly good novel. Picking up where Down Station left off, Morden [...]

From Darkest Skies. Book Review


From Darkest Skies by Sam Peters Gollancz, h/b, 336pp, £14.99 Reviewed by Martin Willoughby The review copy I have states that the book has been optioned for TV and I can [...]

Firefight. Book Review


FIREFIGHT by Brandon Sanderson Gollancz/Orion, p/b, 416 page, £8.99 Reviewed by Pauline Morgan Where is the boundary between Science Fiction and Fantasy? Both, at their [...]

Last Call. Book Review


Last Call by Tim Powers Gollancz, p/b, 400pp, £9.99 Reviewed by Catherine Mann Scott Crane used to play poker professionally under the guidance of his foster-father Ozzie, [...]
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