The Silver Dream. Book Review


THE SILVER DREAM by Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves Harper Collins, h/b, 256pp, £12.99 Reviewed by Matthew Johns The sequel to the best-selling Interworld, The Silver Dream [...]

The Peculiar. Book Review


THE PECULIAR by Stefan Bachmann HarperCollins, p/b, £6.99 Reviewed by Rebekah Lunt The Peculiar is the tale of an alternative England where a Cold War between the Faeries [...]

Brothers to the Death. Book Review


BROTHERS TO THE DEATH by Darren Shan HarperCollins Children’s Books, p/b, £10.99 Reviewed by Pauline Morgan It is very important to remember that there is a far [...]

Department 19: The Rising. Book Review


DEPARTMENT 19: THE RISING by Will Hill HarperCollins, p/b, £7.99 Reviewed by Matthew Johns Book two of Hill’s excellent Department 19 series follows the adventures [...]

Department 19. Book Review


DEPARTMENT 19 by Will Hill HarperCollins, s/b, £7.99 Reviewed by Matthew Johns Department 6 is the army. Department 13 is MI5. Department 19 is the reason you’re [...]
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