Half a King. Book Review


HALF A KING by Joe Abercrombie HarperVoyager, h/b, 384pp, £12.99 Reviewed by Elloise Hopkins When Yarvi learned his father and brother were dead – and with the news [...]

Emperor of Thorns. Book Review


EMPEROR OF THORNS by Mark Lawrence HarperVoyager, h/b, 592pp, £18.99 Reviewed by Elloise Hopkins King Jorg is turning 20, but all these years on he is still tormented by [...]

Magician’s End. Book Review


MAGICIAN’S END by Raymond Feist HarperVoyager, h/b, £20.00 Reviewed by Craig Knight The fate of the Black Magician and all of Midkemia is revealed in the last [...]

Singularity. Book Review


SINGULARITY (STAR CARRIER BOOK 3) by Ian Douglas HarperVoyager, p/b, £7.99 Reviewed by Alex Bardy (@mangozoid) This is the third book in Ian Douglas’ Star Carrier [...]

The Daylight War. Book Review


THE DAYLIGHT WAR by Peter V. Brett HarperVoyager, h/b, £18.99 Reviewed by Elloise Hopkins In the aftermath of their battle with the Coreling Prince and his mimic, Arlen [...]

Blood of Dragons. Book Review


BLOOD OF DRAGONS by Robin Hobb. HarperVoyager, h/b, £20 Reviewed by Elloise Hopkins Tintaglia is on her way back to the Rain Wilds to reclaim her Elderlings, but her [...]

Devil Said Bang. Book Review


DEVIL SAID BANG by Richard Kadrey Harper Voyager, h/b, £9.99 Reviewed by Matthew Johns The fourth book in Kadrey’s Sandman Slim series has James Stark, the [...]

Centre of Gravity. Book Review


CENTRE OF GRAVITY (STAR CARRIER BOOK 2) by Ian Douglas HarperVoyager, p/b, £7.99 Reviewed by R A Bardy (@mangozoid) This is the second part in Ian Douglas’ highly [...]

Arabat: Absolute Midnight. Book Review


ABARAT: ABSOLUTE MIDNIGHT by Clive Barker Harper Voyager, p/b, £8.99 Reviewed by Stewart Horn There is a world parallel to this but accessible by magic. It is the Abarat, [...]
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