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Ghosts Know — book reviews


GHOSTS KNOW by Ramsey Campbell. PS Publishing £19.99 Reviewed by John Howard Being a character in a Ramsey Campbell novel is never an easy option. Good, bad, and all [...]

Hellstrom’s Hive. Book review


HELLSTROM’S HIVE by Frank Herbert. Gollancz (SF Masterworks) £7.99 Reviewed by John Howard Hellstrom’s Hive was inspired by the fictional documentary film [...]

Chung Kuo volumes 1 and 2. Book review


SON OF HEAVEN (Chung Kuo Volume 1) and DAYLIGHT ON IRON MOUNTAIN (Chung Kuo Volume 2) by David Wingrove. Corvus, hb £18.99/pb £7.99 Reviewed by John Howard David [...]