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The Black Prism — book review


THEBLACK PRISM by Brent Weeks. Orbit £7.99 Reviewed by Karen Stevens In a land where magic is divided by colour, the Prism is the most powerful man in the world. But the [...]

Redlaw by James Lovegrove. Book review


REDLAW by James Lovegrove. Solaris £7.99 Reviewed by Karen Stevens Captain John Redlaw is a member of SHADE, the Sunless Housing and Disclosure Executive, whose job is to [...]

The Culled, Simon Spurrier


Review by Karen Stevens Five years ago, a strange new disease wiped out 97% of humanity. Now the remains of mankind are divided into savage territorial clans and lorded over [...]

Realms of Fantasy (April 2006)


Review by Karen Stevens Well, well – a copy of RoF without a skimpily dressed female on the cover! Instead we have ‘The Hounds of Morrigan’, a picture of the [...]