Karl Edward Wagner

Karl Edward Wagner: An Interview for Dark Troubadour


With Centipede Press about to publish a new collection of Karl Edward Wagner’s short fiction it seemed appropriate for the BFS to publish the following interview with him. This interview was conducted by Chuck Owston for Dark Troubadour #1, Autumn 1994, shortly before Wagner’s untimely death. Chuck has kindly given us permission to reproduce the interview here, complete with his original introduction … Karl Edward Wagner is a horror/fantasy writer who lives in Chapel Hill, NC. He is the author of several collections of finely wrought short stories in the horror genre. His epics about Kane, a sorcerer/adventurer/warrior, are unique in the field, transcending the predictable plots and cardboard characters of most "sword and sorcery" (a term Wagner deplores). Six unique books contain the Kane saga to date: DEATH ANGEL'S SHADOW, DARK CRUSADE, BLOODSTONE, DARKNESS WEAVES, NIGHT WINDS, and THE BOOK OF KANE. Any fan of dark fantasy will find them a pleasure to read. Several times. Two novels, THE ROAD OF KINGS and LEGION OF THE SHADOWS, continue the stories of characters created by Robert E. Howard. There are two collections of Karl's short stories, WHY NOT YOU AND I? and IN A LONELY PLACE. He collaborated on a novel with David Drake. It was set in ancient Rome and called KILLER. Karl won the British Fantasy Award for STICKS, TWO SUNS SETTING, NEITHER BRUTE NOR HUMAN, and also a life achievement award. He won World Fantasy Awards for his publishing house, Carcosa, and for BEYOND ANY MEASURE. He is also an editor. In the late 70's, he edited a new edition of the Conan of Cimmeria stories of Robert E. Howard in their original form. This was a great service to those of us who wanted to read what Howard actually wrote, rather than the "edited" versions served up by well-meaning, but misguided souls. [...]