Paul Kane

The Hellbound Heart. Audio Drama Review


THE HELLBOUND HEART by Clive Barker Adapted by Paul Kane Bafflegab, CD £11.99, download £8.99, 75min Reviewed by Chris [...]

Before by Paul Kane. Book review


BEFORE By Paul Kane, Grey Matter Press, e/b £3.90, p/b £17.75 Reviewed by Matthew Johns Paul Kane is a celebrated author with a varied back [...]

Monsters by Paul Kane. Book review


Monsters by Paul Kane, The Alchemy Press, £12.00 Reviewed by Dave Jeffery Unless genre readers have been living in a fall-out shelter for the past thirty years, Paul [...]

The Scarlet Gospels. Book review


THE SCARLET GOSPELS by Clive Barker Macmillan, h/b, 288pp, £18.99 Reviewed by Paul Kane Like a lot of people, my first encounter with Clive [...]

Ghosts by Paul Kane. Book review


GHOSTS by Paul Kane, Spectral Press, paperback RRP £12.50 270pp Reviewed by Chris Limb A compilation of supernatural tales that lift the curtain on the ever-present spectre [...]

Leeds Sequential Art Festival


The full programme for the 2011 Thought Bubble Festival (Leeds Sequential Art Festival) is now online. Featuring: workshops, competitions, film screenings, signings, panels, [...]
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