Ramsey Campbell

Terror Tales of the Lake District


Gray Friar Press announces its latest anthology, Terror Tales of the Lake District, edited by Paul Finch. “The Lake District — land of mountains and megaliths, [...]

Just Behind You, Ramsey Campbell


Review by Paul Campbell. Ramsey Campbell is the reason I joined the BFS and came to my first Fantasycon. My respect for his writing is not blinded, though: I thought his last [...]

Ramsey’s Rant: Page Turners


By Ramsey Campbell The sole book to be seen was Page Turner, the latest Turner adventure from Midas Paperbacks, bound in either gold or silver depending, Boswell supposed, on [...]

Ramsey’s Rant: Censorship


By Ramsey Campbell I admit it: I failed. In my latest novel, The One Safe Place, I tried to parody some of the excesses of censorship, but reality has outstripped what I [...]
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