Glimmer Earth by Roger Why. Book review


GLIMMER EARTH  by Roger Why, Self published through, no price stated Reviewed by Matt Johns The final novel in the Glimmer trilogy sees Earth transformed by a [...]

Madame Xanadu: Extra-Sensory by Matt Wagner. Graphic novel review


Madame Xanadu: Extra-Sensory by Matt Wagner. Vertigo $17.99

Reviewed by Peter Coleborn

This is the third and final volume in Matt Wagner's Madame Xanadu sequence (collecting issues 24-29). The six chapters are all set in New York of the 1960s, that time of change (actually, there were many times of change, but'). The first five deal with the senses: sight, hearing, taste, etc, each with different characters ' and with brief cameos by the seer; the exception is 'Don't Touch Me There', in which she does more than just offer supernatural advice. The episodes tend to be slight tales, perhaps they are a little moralising.

But 'Don't Touch Me'' is the strongest by far. Neon is a supermodel and rock diva, one of Randy Warsau's entourage, part of The Foundry, where also reside the avant garde musicians Subterranean Suede. Then there's The Portals from California ' you get the idea? Neon isn't just a model, though; she's something much older ' and very evil. It's up to Xanadu to stop her trail of death.

Extra-Sensory lists eight artists, and all do justice to their tasks. It's astonishing, the range of artists working in the comics field, on a single title ' I recall the days when the only artists were Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko (or so it seemed). I prefer the variety of today.


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