roleplaying game

Nibiru Roleplaying Game. RPG Review


Nibiru RPG Corebook, Araukana Media, 2019, hb £39.99 Reviewed by Yannick René Ladewig Nibiru is a science fiction storytelling roleplaying game with a focus on narrative [...]

Shadow of Mogg. RPG review


Shadow of Mogg, Manic Productions, £14.99, c2021, Website Review by Seth Stauffer Welcome to life after “The Event”! Manic Productions has published a post-apocalyptic [...]

Conan the King. RPG review


Conan the King, Modiphius, c2020, £12.99 GBP Review by Seth Stauffer It isn’t very often gaming offers a “riches to riches” book.  However, Modiphius submits to [...]
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