Traveller: High Guard. RPG review

March 3, 2018

Traveller: High Guard, Mongoose Publishing, Website Review by Rick Hudson Back in the olden days when the Traveller RPG came as a nifty looking set of three booklets in an [...]

Traveller Core Rulebook. RPG review

March 3, 2018

Traveller Core Rulebook, Mongoose Publishing, £36.99, Website Reviewed by Rick Hudson Back in the mid-late 70s, when Role-Playing games were a new thing, other than [...]

Mutant: Year Zero by Modiphius. RPG review

January 18, 2015

MUTANT: YEAR ZERO RPG by Tomas Härenstam, Petter Bengtsson, Chris Birch, Anders Blixt, Thomas Johansson, Nils Karlén, Kosta Kostulas and Chris Lites, Modiphius, £34.99, [...]
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