StarShipSofa #275 online now


StarShipSofa #275 is online now and available HERE Contents include: Fact: Cheapskates by Adam Pracht 05:47 Main Fiction: “Neighborhood Watch” by H.G. [...]

StarShipSofa #232 now online


StarShipSofa #232 is now available for download. Contents: Fact: Covering the Sofa by Skeet with artist Richard Wagner Fact: Hugo Reviews – Palladin of Souls by Andy [...]

StarShipSofa #227 out now


StarShipSofa #227 is now available for download, containing: Fact: Science News by J.J. Campanella Introduction to Under The Moons of Mars by John Joseph Adams Main Fiction: [...]

StarShipSofa #220 now online


StarShipSofa #220 is now available. Contents include: Main Fiction: The Martian Chronicles Part 1 by Cory Doctorow Promo: Sherlock and Science Fiction by Amy H. Sturgis [...]

StarShipSofa #217


The audio science fiction magazine StarShipSofa #217 is now available, contents as follows: Main Fiction: Til Human Voices Take Us by Lewis Shiner Fact: Hugo Review – [...]

StarShipSofa #215 ready for blast off!


StarShipSofa #215 is now available for download, including: Short Fiction: In Search Of  by Will Ludwigsen Fact: Movie Soundtracks by David Raiklen Main Fiction: Faithful [...]

StarShipSofa #211


StarShipSofa #211 podcast is now available. CONTENTS: Interview: Dee Cunniffe Fact: Looking Back At Genre History by Amy H Sturgis Main Fiction: In the Harsh Glow of its [...]

StarShipSofa #208


This week’s StarShipSofa podcast is a Joe Haldeman special and includes: Interview:  Tobias Buckell Fact:  Film Talk by Dennis Lane Main Fiction:  Never Blood [...]
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