Steve Dean

Sons of Dorn, Chris Roberson


Review by Steve Dean The Imperial Fists space marines are recruiting. Instead of a major leafleting campaign and some adverts on the telly, the Imperial Fists land in a war [...]

Dark Creed, Anthony Reynolds


Review by Steve Dean Apostle Marduk of the Word Bearers finds a device in a necron tomb. To cut a long story short he switches it on while attacking a warp gate held by the [...]

A Thousand Sons, Graham McNeill


Review by Steve Dean Another of those damned Horus Heresy books. Magnus the Red is loyal to the Emperor, but he and his legion, The Thousand Sons, are known to use witchcraft [...]

Titanicus, Dan Abnett


Review by Steve Dean When the vital forge world of Orestes is invaded by Chaos titans, the Imperials send their own titan legion in to counter-attack. For those who [...]

Midnight Street #13


Review by Steve Dean This is the final edition of Midnight Street, as a paper edition. The next issue onwards will only be available as a PDF download available ‘for a [...]
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